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Copy Writing Services – Back to Menu

  • Who Will I Communicate With Regarding My Project?
    • Typically, You Will Communicate Directly With The Sales Agent Who Will Be Your Bridge Between Your Company And The Team Working On Your Content.
  • What If I Need To Make Changes In The Text?
    • If We Are Rewriting Existing Content, You Would Simply Provide The Applicable Information To Your Sales Agent. If Changes Are Being Made To A Preliminary Proof, Those Would Need To Be Initialed And Returned Via Mail Or Fax For A Final Rewrite.
  • How Many Pages Should I Have SEO King, Inc. Write?
    • As Many Pages As Are Necessary To Properly Identify Your Company, Your Products And Your Services. We Have Built Very Successful 3 Content Page Sites That Have Done Quite Well For Their Owners. It Is Not Always About Being Verbose, But About Building Trust.
  • What If I Don’t Feel Satisfied With SEO King, Inc.?
    • Unfortunately, Our Copy Writers Are Paid By The Hour. We Will Work With You To The Fullest Extent Possible To Rewrite Existing, Or New Copy, To Your Complete Satisfaction At No Additional Cost.
  • How Much Is This Going To Cost Me?
    • Because Every Clients Needs And Industry Are Unique, Pricing Varies According To The Nature And Expansiveness Of The Project.
  • Do You Work With Adult Content?
    • No. SEO King®Is A Christian-Owned Company And Does Not Work With Materials That It Considers To Be Adult In Nature. If We Wouldn’t Allow Our Children Near It, We Absolutely Cannot Work On It.

Copyright Protection – Back to Menu

  • Why Is Copyright Protection Important?
    • As A Business Owner, You Spend A Lot Of Money And Time Developing Your Website And Content. The Only Truly Legitimate Protection You Have Is Gained By Filing For Copyright Protection. This Opens Up The Full Range Of Legal Protections Afforded To Individuals And Companies Via U.S. Copyright Law.
  • Can I Do It Myself?
    • Absolutely. SEO King, Inc. Is Not An Attorney, Nor Does SEO King®Practice Law. SEO King, Inc. Will Only Act As Your Agent For Filing Your Documentation With The U.S. Copyright Office. You Can Do Likewise And We Encourage You To Take Action To Protect Your Legal Interest In Your Website And Content, Regardless Of Whether You Hire SEO King, Inc. To Manage The Filing For You.
  • What Is Included In The SEO King, Inc. Copyright Package?
    • SEO King®Will File For Protection Of All Eligible Content, Code And Images That Make Up Your Website. Copyright Protection Cannot Be Sought For Third-Party-Owned Materials, Including Open Source Programming, Licensed Programming And Images, Etc.

Domain Names – Back to Menu

  • Do You Register Domain Names?
    • Yes SEO King, Inc. Does Register Domain Names. The Cost Per Domain Name Per Year Is $29.95. All Domain Names Are Registered In The Name Of The Purchaser.
  • I Want SEO King, Inc. To Register My Domain Name For Me. How Do I Do This?
    • When Signing Up For Your Hosting, Simply Select “I Want SEO King®To Register My Domain Name.” If You Want To Purchase A Domain Name Separate From Our Hosting Services, Visit Our Domain Names Page And Follow The Instructions.
  • What If I Want To Register Multiple Domain Names.
    • Please Contact SEO King®Using Our Contact Us Form And We Will Be Happy To Assist You.
  • Who Owns The Rights To The Domain Names You Register For Customers?
    • SEO King, Inc. Believes In Ethical Business Practices. When We Register A Domain Name On Behalf Of A Customer, The Domain Name Is Controlled By The Customer And Remains So, As Long As The Customer Maintains The Registration Fees Required By The Registrar, Regardless Of Whether You Remain An SEO King, Inc. Client.
  • Will You Manage My Domain Name For Me?
    • Yes, SEO King, Inc. Will Manage Your Domain Name On Your Behalf For A Small Annual Service Charge. This Includes Notification Of Expiration And Maintaining Updated Information As Required By ICANN.

eCommerce – Back to Menu

  • Your Hosting Package Includes ECommerce Scripts. Does This Mean I Can Have An Online Store And Process Credit Card Payments?
    • Yes And No. Yes, Our Hosting Comes With Three Unique Self-Installed Shopping Carts That You Can Use To Set Up Your Online Store Front And Provide Your Business With The Ability To Sell Products/Services, And Collect Credit Card Information.
      • No, In Order To Process The Credit Cards Online, You Will Need To Be Set Up With A Merchant Account And Payment Gateway, Something That Your Hosting Package Does Not Include.
      • We’ll Be More Than Happy To Recommend A Payment Gateway And Merchant Account Provider If You Don’t Already Have One.
  • Will You Install My ECommerce Site For Me?
    • For New Web Hosting Clients, SEO King, Is Using Existing Fantastico Scripts, Will Do The Automated Installation For You At No Additional Charge. Other Third-Party Products Will Require A Properly Licensed Version Before Any Installation Can Take Place. If SEO King, Inc. Is To Install And Configure Third-Party Programs, Our Hourly Programming Rate Will Apply. If Purchasing A Bundled ECommerce Design Package, These Costs Are Already Incorporated In Your Final Cost.
  • Can You Configure My ECommerce Site For Me?
    • Yes, But Configuring Your ECommerce Site Will Incorporate SEO King, Inc.’S Standard Programming Hourly Rate.
  • Will You Incorporate My Existing Website Design Into The ECommerce Solution I’ve Selected?
    • Yes, But Again, This Will Fall Under Our Standard Programming Hourly Rate And We Cannot Be Responsible For Design Issue That Prevent The Shopping Cart From Being Integrated In An Effective Way.

Logo Design – Back to Menu

  • How Long Before I Can See My Initial Logo Proof?
    • Typically, Your Initial Logo Design Is Ready For Viewing Within 3 To 5 Business Days After You Have Completed And Submitted The Logo Design Questionnaire, Along With Your Initial Deposit.
  • How Much Does My Logo Design Cost?
    • Our Base Rate For Logo Design Is $125.00 Per Hour With A Minimum Charge Of 3 Hours. This Provides Our Design Team With Three Hours In Which To Complete The Finished Product. In Combination With Our Logo Design Questionnaire, This Is Typically A Sufficient Amount Of Time To Complete Your Project.
  • How Much Is The Initial Deposit?
    • Your Initial Deposit Is For 3 Hours Of Labor, Or $375.00. Additional Time Is Billed On A Per Hour Basis, In One-Hour Increments.
  • How Many Changes Can I Ask For?
    • As Many As You Require To Be Fully And Completely Satisfied With Your Companies Logo Design.
  • What If I Don’t Like My Initial Logo Designs?
    • That’s Quite OK. You Are Free And Are Encouraged To Make As Many Suggestions As You’d Like. It Is Why We Have A Logo Questionnaire To Ensure That We Understand As Much About Your Company Vision As Is Possible Before Beginning The Design Process.
  • Can You Redesign My Existing Company Logo?
    • Absolutely. Using Our Base Rate Of $375.00, We Can Redesign You Existing Logo To Your Fullest Satisfaction.
  • Who Retains The Rights To The Finished Logo?
    • Each Of Our Paid-In-Full Clients Retains The Rights To Ownership Of Any Logo Designed By SEO King, Inc. On Its Behalf.

Flash Animation – Back to Menu

  • Why Should I Use Flash Animation?
    • Flash Animation Can Be An Excellent Complement To Any Traditional Website Design. Flash Can Be A Standalone Presentation Or Interactive With The Prospect.
  • What About A Flash Home Page?
    • While We Don’t Recommend What We Call “Splash Pages” Or Flash Introduction Pages, SEO King, Inc. Will Build A Single Flash Page Based Upon The Client’s Needs.
  • Can You Build A Website That Only Uses Flash Animation?
    • As An Issue Of Ethics, No, SEO King, Inc. Will Not Build Flash-Only Websites. They Are Extremely Expensive To Build As A Custom Product And Are Neither Search Engine- Nor Visitor-Friendly At Present. For Typical Business Owners, They Are Extremely Poor Investments, Especially For Any Company That Has Online Marketing Plans. As Such, SEO King, Inc. Would Advise Against This And Refer You To Another Design Firm That Will Build A Flash Only Website.

Search Engine Marketing – Back to Menu

  • What Is Search Engine Marketing?
    • Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Also Known As Internet Marketing, Involves Multiple Levels Of Marketing Tailored Around Your Individual Business And Budget. Our Basic Program Applies The Principles Of Back-Link Development, Incorporating A Linking Process Developed By SEO King, Inc. Called Pattern Linking. Additional Aspects Of Search Engine Marketing Are Pay Per Click, Pay Per Performance, Affiliate Marketing, Paid Text Links, Banner Marketing And Traditional PR Campaigns Utilizing Internet Resources.
  • Do I Really Need It?
    • No. If Your Website Is Meant To Be A Reference Point For Your Prospects And Customers, Then Marketing Your Website Online Is Simply Not The Direction You Should Take. However, If Your Website Is Intended To Be A Profit Center And Found Within Search Engines By Target Prospects And Customers, You Need Search Engine Marketing.
  • How Much Will It Cost Me?
    • Our Minimum Monthly Rate Is $250.00 For A 24 Month Contract And Can Exceed $1,000.00 Per Month. The Fee Charged Is Based Upon The Competition And The Industry.
  • Why Is It So Expensive?
    • The Fact Is That Search Engine Marketing Is Not Very Expensive When A Company Factors In The Projected ROI And Actual Cost Vs. The Fact That When You Advertise Online, The Life Cycle Of Your Advertising Extends Well Beyond The Life Cycle Of Traditional Marketing Venues.
  • Do You Guarantee Your Results?
    • Absolutely Not. No Legitimate Search Marketing Company Can, Unless They Own The Search Engines And Control Your Competition. The Reality Is That SEO King, Inc. Will Work Exceptionally Hard For Your Marketing Success. We Want You To Make Money And To Refer New Clients To Us.
  • Can You Manage All Of My Marketing Needs?
    • No. SEO King, Inc. Only Deals With Internet Based Marketing Venues. Our Job Is To Ensure That You Are Prepared To Succeed, From The Registration Of Your Domain Name To The Marketing Of Your Company Website.

Search Engine Optimization – Back to Menu

  • What Is Search Engine Optimization?
    • Search Engine Optimization, A/K/A SEO, Is A Process By Which A Website Is Prepared To Be Found In, And Properly Identified By, Search Engines. Properly Identified? Search Engines Use Algorithms (Mathematical Formula) By Which They Attempt To Identify What Your Website Is About. SEO Facilitates A Given Search Engines Ability To Properly Categorize Your Site And Services. SEO Does Not Incorporate Off Site Factors, And Is Strictly A Site Based Process Which Only Takes Into Account The Off Site Factors Necessary To Rank In Natural Search.
  • How Come Other Companies Include Back Link Development As Part Of Their SEO Service?
    • SEO King, Inc. Understands The Distinct Difference Between Properly Optimizing A Website To Be Found And Properly Marketing A Website So It Is Found. They Are Two Different And Unique Processes. Virtually Every Website Needs Search Optimization, While Many Have No Need For Search Marketing.
  • Why Is Search Engine Traffic Important To My Business?
    • Over 50%, And Growing, Of U.S. Citizens Use Search. That Means, If Your Company Website Is Not Found In Search Results, You Are Risking The Loss Of Whatever Business That Prospect Represented.
  • What Are Meta Tags?
    • Meta Tags Are HTML Code Used To Assist Search Engines In Better Identifying And Understanding What Your Specific Website Page Is About And Where Your Page Might Be Relevant Within A Given Search Result. The Unfortunate Misinformation Within The Industry Is That Many Search Engines No Longer Use These Codes. The Reality Is, Unless A Search Engine Discloses Its Algorithm For Scrutiny, No One Can Say With Confidence That They Are Not One Of The 100+ Factors Used To Rate The Relevance And Quality Of Your Website.
  • Is Optimization Difficult?
    • For Experienced Optimization Experts, Optimization Is A Simple Process. However, Anytime You Are Configuring Code And Content, These Processes Take Time To Be Done Properly.
  • What Is Involved In Optimization?
    • For SEO King, You Can Learn Specifically What Is Included In Our Site Based Optimization Processes Here.
  • How Long Will It Take Before I Rank Better?
    • Typically, Search Engines Take About Two Weeks To Index And Incorporate Your New Pages Within The Search Results. If Doing Site Based Only, And You Have Existing Back Links To Your Website, You Will See The Results Of Modifications Within Two Weeks. If Your Website Has Done No Search Engine Marketing And Contains No Relevant Back Links, You Will Not See Any Notable Difference, However, You Will Be Confident In Knowing Your Website Is Properly Prepared To Be Found In The Search Engines.
  • Will Using Dynamic Pages Harm My Website Rankings?
    • Yes It Can. We Recommend Implementing Mod Rewrites For Dynamically Produced Pages Which Do Not Comply With Googles Webmaster Guidelines.

Website Design – Back to Menu

  • How Much Will It Cost For SEO King, Inc. To Design My Website?
    • The Base Cost For A Custom Website Design Starts At $1550.00. The Package Does Not Include The Cost Of Additional Pages, Additional Design Work, Programming Requirements, Copy Writing Services And Search Engine Marketing.
  • How Long Does The Design Process Normally Take?
    • The Typical Design Project Usually Takes Between 4 And 8 Weeks. Much Depends Upon The Speed With Which You Complete Our Pre-Design Package, Which Helps Our Designers To Begin The Process The Right Way. Usually, Delays Are The Result Of Our Clients Not Completing The Pre-Design Package Or Not Providing The Content Necessary To Properly Configure The New Website Layout.
  • Can SEO King® Take Any Digital Photos To Use On My Website?
    • Yes. For An Additional Cost, SEO King®Can Have A Professional Photographer Take Any Product Pictures Required For Your Website. If Outside Of Our Local Area, We Will Recommend That You Manage The Process Directly.
  • Does SEO King, Inc. Write The Content On My Website?
    • No, Copy Writing Is The Responsibility Of The Client. However, SEO King, Inc. Does Offer Copy Writing Services At An Additional Charge.
  • Will People Be Able To Find My Website In Google, Yahoo And MSN?
    • No. While We Can Submit Your Website To The Three Search Engines At No Additional Cost, The Reality Is That Your Website Needs Back Links In Order To Be Indexed By The Search Engines. SEO King®Has A Comprehensive Search Engine Marketing Program Designed Specifically To Increase The Likelihood That Your Website Will Be Found In The Search Engine Results. We Encourage Your Company To Consider Our SEM Services As An Additional Investment In Your Internet Business.

SEO King, Inc

Client Testimonials

S5 Financial

Just a quick note to say thanks!

My business runs on email - and hopefully - lots of it! I need it safe, I need it now! More important, I need to know that I can depend on my email hosting service. After disappointing experiences with several well known sources, I was lucky enough to find a local email host that provided service that exceeded my expectation. SEO King.

Best Regards,
S5 Financial

Forget-Me-Not Occasions

I can not begin to thank you enough for all of your help and guidance to develop and launch Forget-Me-Not Occasions' web site.

Nick did an unbelievable job and was so professional, patient and easy to work with on this project. He took my concept and brilliantly made it happen. I am so thrilled with the final product.

I truly believe when I came to you after being "scammed" by that other designer, I was miraculously lead to your company. My web site now has the look and feel that I always imagined. You and Nick are helping to launch my "dream" and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

My Warmest Regards,
Janice L. Sinardi, President
Forget-Me-Not Occasions

Thomas Martin

Dear SEO King,

I am writing you this letter to thank you for the business you are helping me build.

George Chaney at SEO King told me my website would perform, but I had no idea that I would immediately start receiving inquiries. Not only is the site professionally designed, but the site reads incredibly well.

Thanks to you, I am now excited about the future. Instead of waking up worrying about where my next lead or next client will come from, I now feel that the possibilities are endless and look forward to a prosperous future.

I would recommend SEO King to the person that wants to explode their business taking it to the next level and beyond.

George Thanks Again.

Thomas W. Martin

Your Direct Source

Your Direct Source, Inc. has been utilizing SEO King since November of 2006. Through their search engine optimization and marketing, they have helped Your Direct Source, Inc. achieve their goals.

We are rebuilding our Website to target many other industries at the moment. Sometimes it takes time to get on the front page of specific key word terms. Some are more competitive than others.

George Chaney, President of SEO King, has been up front and has become a good friend. I would recommend his services to any company looking to take their business to the next level.

Jason Nofi
Your Direct Source, Inc.

Amy Bolden

I needed a website to help promote my business, however, I did not know where to start. One of my colleagues and a current client of SEO King suggested I contact George. I met with George of SEO King and he provided me with a pre-design questionnaire that definitely helped me formulate my ideas.

Equipped with solid ideas, I met with the designer, narrowed my website ideas, then I was presented with a draft of the website layout. After minor revisions, I am pleased with my website layout results. All of my ideas were implemented with precision. I am fully satisfied with the quality and efficiency of design services I received from SEO King!

You exceeded my expectations completely. I appreciate your prompt delivery, knowledge of website marketing strategies and overall level of service. With my completed website, I am more prepared to market my services to potential clients both locally and outside my immediate area.

I will definitely recommend the website services of SEO King!

Amy Bolden
Mortgage Consultant

Avalar Realty of Florida

Putting together my website with the services SEO King provides gave quick and professional results. A small business owner himself, George Chaney understood and took the necessary steps to build awareness and develop my company's client base.

By choosing SEO King as the company to develop my web page, I have experienced firsthand the best in customer service, attention to detail and satisfaction in the end result. Building a Real Estate website with the SEO King has been an easy and fascinating venture.

Although George had never put together a Real Estate page before, he truly took the initiative to research the Real Estate markets in my business' area and developed an original yet comprehensive site that features easy-to-navigate links and all of the content you would expect to find on a professional Real Estate site.

Dan Edwards
Avalar Realty of Florida

ProMarketing Leads LLC

Very Happy with SEO King Web Hosting!

From the beginning of working with SEO King, my experience has been awesome. My website is used for demand generation and information about my mailing list business. The hosting SEO King provides is very reliable and very fast.

When I need help from SEO King, they respond very quickly and answered all my questions to my satisfaction. I am very happy that I chose to do business with SEO King and look forward to working with them as my list business grows.

Please keep up all the good work SEO King!!

Brad Allen
Owner - ProMarketing Leads LLC

Salvia Society

I have had such a good experience with my web hosting for the last year, that I've actually transferred my other site!

Thanks for the great service and reliability!

Salvia Society

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