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Serious web hosting for serious websites; personal, blog, Small business, corporate, & eCommerce solutions.

SEO King® offers affordable and reliable web hosting packages to meet the needs of personal and business websites. Our base startup web hosting package includes virtually everything that you need and expect from a reliable web hosting company!

Reliability & Personal Service – these are the two primary parts of the solid foundation SEO King, Inc. is built upon.

As an entrepreneur and small business owner just like many of you, I’ve experienced sub-standard web hosting over the years myself. Also, as the owner of several companies and websites that absolutely depend on speedy, always-up availability for web rankings, traffic, and conversion in order to create revenue and profit, I know first-hand exactly how important reliability and service really are to a successful business.

Just as important, I know what it means to the success of a web asset to host their website on clean servers built around good neighbors. That’s why not just anyone can host with SEO King®. We stringently follow our policy to ensure that each and every website hosted on our servers meets the test of being good web server neighbors – this alone offers a notable level of peace of mind to both the search engines and our tight-knit web hosting community members.

I host all of my business websites on the exact same servers our customers use. Why? Because just like you, I absolutely depend on that unfailing level of reliability to serve nearly a million prospects – millions of pages across multiple industry niches every single year.

Downtime is just unacceptable to me, and reducing it should be top priority for you as well. We place our professional reputation on the line to ensure that each of our servers is perfectly maintained and full-speed uptime is priority number one.

Try our web hosting. Our expert staff is 100% committed to providing you with the server reliability and service that you and I have both come to fully expect and demand. I am confident you’ll be very happy you did!

George Chaney
President & CEO
SEO King, Inc.

Our web hosting solutions include custom packages, built from years of website development experience, to meet the requirements of the typical hosting client. With a 99.9% up-time rate, toll-free contact, annual billing plans, and 24-hour emergency support, we’re confident of meeting all of your web hosting expectations.

You’ve had cheap hosting, you’ve tried free web hosting, now it’s time for a
Quality web host. Check out our Web Hosting Plans!

Quality Service, Quality Support, Quality Solutions! We Build Relationships!

For eCommerce, businesses or individuals needing to accept credit card payments, we recommend as your credit card payment gateway of choice. So, if you need the ability to accept credit cards, consider signing up with SEO King, Inc. ( Application application – More Information Here).

Need more space? Maybe more bandwidth? Just request an expanded  Web Hosting Quote !

SEO King® has tremendous flexibility in how we can organize your web hosting package. We really do look forward to helping your online business succeed

All of our web hosting plans include:

  • Annual Billing Options – Credit Card Or Invoice.
  • E-Mail Management Tools Including: Auto Responders, E-Mail Filtering, E-Mail Forwarding, Mailing List Manager And Spam Assassin.
  • Personal Control Panel
  • Apache 1.3.33, PhpMyAdmin, PHP, SSI And SSL
  • FTP File Access
  • Statistical Data, Including AWStats, Webalizer, FTP Statistics, Urchin, Analog, Latest Visitors, Bandwidth Usage And Error Log.
  • Site Management Tools, Including: File Manager, Website Backup, Web Protect, Redirects And Much More.
  • Sub Domains With Statistics.
  • Cron Jobs
  • SSH Sessions
  • MySQL Databases
  • Auto-Install Scripts That Include More Than 50 Self-Install Programs Covering: HTML/Java Chat Room, Phpmychat, CGI Wrapper, Random HTML Generator, Guestbook, Counter, Entropy Search, Navigation, Blogs, Content Management, Customer Relationships, Forums, Online Stores, Image Galleries, Mailing Lists, Guest Books, Project Management And Much More.

Please Read:  What We Do Not Allow On Our Servers

With all all of our benefits and features, SEO King® is truly your best web hosting solution! Why would you want to host your website anywhere else?

SEO King, Inc

Client Testimonials

S5 Financial

Just a quick note to say thanks!

My business runs on email - and hopefully - lots of it! I need it safe, I need it now! More important, I need to know that I can depend on my email hosting service. After disappointing experiences with several well known sources, I was lucky enough to find a local email host that provided service that exceeded my expectation. SEO King.

Best Regards,
S5 Financial

Forget-Me-Not Occasions

I can not begin to thank you enough for all of your help and guidance to develop and launch Forget-Me-Not Occasions' web site.

Nick did an unbelievable job and was so professional, patient and easy to work with on this project. He took my concept and brilliantly made it happen. I am so thrilled with the final product.

I truly believe when I came to you after being "scammed" by that other designer, I was miraculously lead to your company. My web site now has the look and feel that I always imagined. You and Nick are helping to launch my "dream" and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

My Warmest Regards,
Janice L. Sinardi, President
Forget-Me-Not Occasions

Thomas Martin

Dear SEO King,

I am writing you this letter to thank you for the business you are helping me build.

George Chaney at SEO King told me my website would perform, but I had no idea that I would immediately start receiving inquiries. Not only is the site professionally designed, but the site reads incredibly well.

Thanks to you, I am now excited about the future. Instead of waking up worrying about where my next lead or next client will come from, I now feel that the possibilities are endless and look forward to a prosperous future.

I would recommend SEO King to the person that wants to explode their business taking it to the next level and beyond.

George Thanks Again.

Thomas W. Martin

Your Direct Source

Your Direct Source, Inc. has been utilizing SEO King since November of 2006. Through their search engine optimization and marketing, they have helped Your Direct Source, Inc. achieve their goals.

We are rebuilding our Website to target many other industries at the moment. Sometimes it takes time to get on the front page of specific key word terms. Some are more competitive than others.

George Chaney, President of SEO King, has been up front and has become a good friend. I would recommend his services to any company looking to take their business to the next level.

Jason Nofi
Your Direct Source, Inc.

Amy Bolden

I needed a website to help promote my business, however, I did not know where to start. One of my colleagues and a current client of SEO King suggested I contact George. I met with George of SEO King and he provided me with a pre-design questionnaire that definitely helped me formulate my ideas.

Equipped with solid ideas, I met with the designer, narrowed my website ideas, then I was presented with a draft of the website layout. After minor revisions, I am pleased with my website layout results. All of my ideas were implemented with precision. I am fully satisfied with the quality and efficiency of design services I received from SEO King!

You exceeded my expectations completely. I appreciate your prompt delivery, knowledge of website marketing strategies and overall level of service. With my completed website, I am more prepared to market my services to potential clients both locally and outside my immediate area.

I will definitely recommend the website services of SEO King!

Amy Bolden
Mortgage Consultant

Avalar Realty of Florida

Putting together my website with the services SEO King provides gave quick and professional results. A small business owner himself, George Chaney understood and took the necessary steps to build awareness and develop my company's client base.

By choosing SEO King as the company to develop my web page, I have experienced firsthand the best in customer service, attention to detail and satisfaction in the end result. Building a Real Estate website with the SEO King has been an easy and fascinating venture.

Although George had never put together a Real Estate page before, he truly took the initiative to research the Real Estate markets in my business' area and developed an original yet comprehensive site that features easy-to-navigate links and all of the content you would expect to find on a professional Real Estate site.

Dan Edwards
Avalar Realty of Florida

ProMarketing Leads LLC

Very Happy with SEO King Web Hosting!

From the beginning of working with SEO King, my experience has been awesome. My website is used for demand generation and information about my mailing list business. The hosting SEO King provides is very reliable and very fast.

When I need help from SEO King, they respond very quickly and answered all my questions to my satisfaction. I am very happy that I chose to do business with SEO King and look forward to working with them as my list business grows.

Please keep up all the good work SEO King!!

Brad Allen
Owner - ProMarketing Leads LLC

Salvia Society

I have had such a good experience with my web hosting for the last year, that I've actually transferred my other site!

Thanks for the great service and reliability!

Salvia Society

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      What We Do Not Allow On Our Servers:

      Many clients in our web hosting portfolio are in the business of making money online. As our servers are shared resources, we expect all of our web hosting clients to maintain Websites That Represent Good Neighbors. This means certain websites cannot host on our servers as their activity can negatively impact the rankings and financial earnings of website neighbors.

      When we terminate an account for activities detrimental to our Good Neighbor policy, you are not entitled to any refund, nor will you receive one. So, if you are running questionable activities on your website, or you are planning activities which are against the TOS/AUS for SEO King, Inc., we are not the web hosting company for you. Save everyone some time and money as you can expect to have your account promptly terminated. All websites hosted with SEO King® are reviewed for quality and compliance as part of the sign-up process and monitored on a regular basis. Examples of who cannot host with SEO King®:

      • Link Scheming Websites
      • Pornographic Websites
      • Spyware Websites
      • Malware Websites
      • Sites involved in illegal activity such as; phishing websites, child pornography, etc.
      • Other website as defined in our TOS/AUS